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1st Press Announcement:

We are pleased to invite you to our next working groups workshop on "Weed Management Systems in Vegetables and "Weed management in arid and semi-arid climate". The meeting of the Working Groups, promoted by the Instituto Nacional de investigação Agrária e Veterinária (INIAV), will be held in Oeiras (west Lisbon, Portugal). The workshop will start on Monday May 13th with two day and a half of oral presentations, poster sessions and discussions, plus a half day technical field trip.

The workshop will include two sattelite events: 

1. Workshop on weed emergence moddeling and R practice                                                   (will be given by Dr. M. Mesgaran, UC Davis, USA).

2. A special workshop on parasitic plant management under Mediterranian climate             (will be led by Dr. Y. Goldwasser, and Prof. H. Eizenberg, Israel).

The structure of the workshop will include hands-on activities in small groups as well as specific time for discussion sessions regarding the workshop topics.

We hope to have enough funds to support up to 10-15 students and young scientists according to the EWRS rules. Please encourage your students to attend the joint workshop. If you are interested, please send your application and a title to the organizers.


If you would like to participate and contribute to the workshop please contact Hanan Eizenberg ( or Euro Pannacci (, or Isabel Calha ( for more details. In order to allow high quality discussion and activities we will be happy to know as earlier as possible if you are interested and planning to come.


Registrations will close on the 10th of May 2019. 


The EWRS Workshop will be held in the Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária (INIAV) which is a State Laboratory for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. It is located in Oeiras, in a campus where science and agriculture meet next to the sandy beaches of the Lisbon - Estoril - Cascais shoreline. Oeiras is conveniently located next to Lisbon (ca 20 km distant from the town centre). It is easily accessed by a very frequent train service (Lisbon - Cascais line) as well as by car or taxi. 

Please refer to the Travel & Acommodation menu on the left for more information about how to get to Oeiras.

The weather in Lisbon in May is very pleasant. It is spring with average minimum temperatures of 15ºC and maximum of of 23º during the day., approximately 14 hours of light: sunrise is around 6am and sunset around 8pm which favors more outdoor activities. 

Privacy policy under the new UE 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation

Every personal data gathered through our forms are to be used exclusively for the EWRS  W.W.M.19 Workshop organization purpose and are not intended to be distributed to third party groups. We will not store you personal data beyond the timeline required for the organization and duration of the EWRS W.W.M.19 Workshop.

Terms and conditions under the new UE 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation

In order to participate in the EWRS W.W.M.19 Workshop you must consent that we collect and use your personal information for the organization of the event, and during the event.                  No personal sensitive information is required or solicited.                                                          Your personal information will not be distributed to third party groups.                                        Image and vídeo will be recorded during the meeting, social dinner and tours.              Therefore you must give your consent for the picture and vídeo recordings to take place. You may choose not to give your consent for the picture and vídeo recording in the registration forms.  Pictures and vídeos are recorded for registry and scientific divulgation purposes only.


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